Thanksgiving it’s always a fun day to stuff our bellies, drink wine and laugh. Nick and I have been on a rotation and this year we will be in Michigan celebrating the day with his family. No matter which side of the family we are with, it is always so nice to have everyone in one place. Since I’m a sentimental gal, I always find myself reflecting on the past year and what I’m thankful for. If family would let me, I’d have everyone say what they are thankful for around the dinner table!

Nick and I have said multiple times that the best part of the wedding besides marrying one another, is that for one day we were lucky enough to have everyone we deeply care about in one room.  So this year, I am so thankful for that moment. We had guests in from 10 different states… for us! From the year leading up to the wedding to all the days in between, we have been so fortunate to have such a supportive and loving group of people in our lives.

Here is a photo of all of these special people standing up and making their promise to support us throughout our marriage. I hope they all know we how much that means to us and we will be forever grateful.


I could go on and on about all the things that I feel thankful for, but this one is by far the best moment of the year. What memory are you most thankful for this year?

Wishing you a fun and safe Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Xo, Anna



(Image by Veronica Varos Photography)

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