The BEST Bachelorette Party Game

The Best Bachelorette Party Game


The Best Bachelorette Party GameHey, guys!

Whoa. Almost year ago I was with my squad celebrating my bachelorette party! I wanted to keep it small, so it was just me, my mom and my bridal party. We went to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, where my family has a home and enjoyed a weekend of cocktails, hot tubing, eating, and massages. It was SO much fun!


I wasn’t really trying to do anything wild for my bachelorette party. I’ve seen and been a part of some of those games that can just make you kind of cringe. I’m by no means a prude, but I just wanted to go out and have fun! Well, while we were sitting around, of course, the idea of playing a game while we were at the bar came up. A quick google search, many ridiculous and kinda raunchy games later, there was only one we wanted to try. The winner was: The napkin game!

Basically, the concept was to ask people for marriage advice on the bar napkins. I can’t even find the original post to where we got this idea. We kind of spun it into our own and decided to give beads we had to everyone that participated! The bartenders got into it and ended up giving us those receipt/credit card holders and a ton of pens to make it even easier once they asked what we were doing! We got a total of 50 napkins which isn’t bad for bar or two at the lake in the off-season!

Here are some of my favorites…


So that my friends, is the BEST bachelorette party game! Some notes were silly and some warm your heart, but regardless my favorite part is that 50 strangers still believe in love.

XO, Anna

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