The Unknowns of Motherhood

The Unknowns of Motherhood

Where are my mama’s at? As I think about the last three months with Henry, I can’t help but giggle sometimes. I think about all the different things that nobody told me about having a little one. I’m not sure that I would’ve listened, cause ya know, preggo hormones, but still. Join me in finding some of the humor that is motherhood.

Nobody told me…

  1. The amount of lint in hands and toes. Seriously, where’s it coming from and why does it keep coming back!?
  2. Be quick or you may be dodging pee… or probably just getting peed on. #boymomproblems
  3. You will never go to the bathroom or eat a meal in peace again if your child is awake.
  4. That you will analyze every color of their poop.
  5. You are now a germaphobe. Wash your hands before touching my baby or else… but seriously, I’ll send you the hospital bill. #fluseason
  6. You are also now a walking side show. Everyone, I mean everyone, is trying to sneak a peek at your baby in public.
  7. Whether it be pee, poop, or breastmilk, you’re always smelly now.
  8. That a very tired babe does not sleep go to sleep without a fight. May the odds be in your favor!
  9. How hard, yet satisfying breastfeeding is. And you’ll be in the kitchen at 2 am looking for a snack after that middle of the night feed.
  10. The cute outfits spend most of the time hanging in the closet. Sleepers always win. Bonus points if it has a zipper!
  11. You will be comfortable sucking boogers out your child’s nose with your mouth. #nosefrida
  12. That the nurse hotline at the pediatricians office will be on speed dial.
  13. You will probably cry as much as your babe while they get their shots.
  14. That a stretch of 3 hours of sleep can suddenly feel like you slept for 8. The sleep deprivation is so real, you’ll feel a little crazy.
  15. The love you feel for them is so intense it can bring you to tears thinking about it!

What are some of the things about having a baby that nobody told you? Comment below!

Xo, Anna

6 thoughts on “The Unknowns of Motherhood

  1. You are so in love that you think you will NEVER forget anything about them…. but you do!!!
    Pictures are wonderful, but also take videos. Even just a few seconds long. Record the way they wobble when they walk, the way they laugh and their sweet childish voice.

    1. Thanks, Meredith! You inspired me to take a video of me getting Henry out of bed this morning, he is always SO excited and happy to see me and I LOVE IT! Thank goodness for phones these days to make it extra easy.

  2. I remember thinking how weird it was to have a baby/toddler as a best friend. I really felt like Nick and Tanner were my best friends at the time they were little and with me most of the time. I loved that time period! Great insights here Anna!

  3. I remember that the area under the chin traps all food, milk etc.and constantly have to wash that area or it gets stinky! .like the lint in the toes and finger. You will never go to the bathroom by your self for a very long time. Agree with Meredith that videos are a must and make sure to transfer off your phone as you will look at them years later.
    As much as you love Henry, don’t forget Nick and do date nights without Henry…you will survive and so will Henry. I remember going back to work but was fortunate to have a great babysitter and could concentrate at work without worry. Plus work was too busy to take a break to call and check. As hard as it was to leave Morry it was good to be back at work and have adult conversation. 😀

    1. Haha, yes the smelly rolls!!! Now that he is getting more of them, we call Henry stinker all the time because of this. We have our first date night planned this weekend! Looking forward to a dinner I won’t have to shove in my mouth as quick as I can with Nick!

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