Baby Cat & Jack Unboxing


Hey, guys!

It’s been a minute, but I wanted to write a quick post since a lot of people showed interested in seeing what we got in our Baby Cat & Jack box (by Target) Basically, it’s a box full of surprise seasonal clothing for your little one! Target sends you 6-7 pieces along with a free gift that you can try on your babe and whatever you don’t like it, just return in store for merchandise credit. You can subscribe or order as you wish… we opted for a single purchase this time to see how it went. Being an employee for a major subscription clothing box, I was so curious to see the delivery (I’d totally order him Stitch Fix kids if they had baby sizes!).

Let’s start with the presentation…


The clothing is all folded nicely along with a brief note on the pieces and a coupon! All good in my book. Unfortunately, it’s not as personalized as other services so it’s just a stock-written note and randomly selected pieces. It would be super cool to do one more personalized to our style, which is basically Mac & Mia. I’ll do that when he’s a little bit more steady in his sizing to make the higher cost a bit more worth it! So let’s dive into the clothes!

Outfit #1: Keep! Love this cozy outfit, plus we are smiley people over here so it’s fitting.



Outfit #2: Keep! I’m not the biggest fan of hooded things for babies because they honestly just get in the way majority of this time, but this outfit is too cute!



Piece #5: This little romper is fun.. and cute… but I never put him in rompers anymore! Maybe I should? I’m undecided… help me! Actually, I’ll probably keep it, if you know me, I’m a big olive green gal!



Piece #6: Leaning toward the return. I just can’t really decide if I’m into the details on this piece. Plus, I’m torn on the romper situation. It kind of goes with the next pieces below.



Piece #7 & Free Gift: Return. The face on this hood weirds me out. Plus, like I said before there is only room for so many hooded things in little man’s wardrobe. But, the bib was the free gift, so I’ll obviously hang on to that for my little drool monster.



What do you guys think? Do I think it was worth the 38 bucks (Redcard discount), sure! I would say you aren’t by any means saving or spending more money than you would if you purchased the pieces from the store. The fun part is the surprise and these pieces haven’t been released in store yet. I’d probably do it again since you can just return what you don’t want and let’s be honest, we are always at Target to use that merchandise credit. If you want to check it out for a special little one in your life, click here.

Have fun!


Xo, Anna

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