A Year In Review, I’m 32!


Here we are another year has gone by. If you would’ve told me last year that we would be in quarantine this year I would spit out my drink laughing…. ha! Celebrating will look a little different this year but I’m excited to spend the day with my two favorite guys. As I’m always reflecting around this time I want to dive into what this last year has brought for me and what’s to come!

My blogging has gotten turned up a notch as I’ve landed some fun collaborations with some of my favorite businesses, reached over 1k Instagram followers organically (it was a goal I set to achieve by the end of the year) and I’ve continued to network with so many inspiring women in this industry that I now call friends!

Though my school loans are nearly paid off and I’ve been out of the sales/marketing field full time for a minute in a sense, I’ve had a passion for social media marketing reignited in me with constant research and learning with my website/blog. I am now brainstorming ways that I can circle back to the roots of my first internship and help educated small businesses in it someday.

As a mom, I’ve grown in my confidence and have enjoyed toddlerhood wayyyyy more than the newborn stages. Whether its the anxiety settling or just experience, give me a tantrum over a mystery crying baby anytime!

I was feeling like I was missing mom friends in my life that were local and I am so glad to say that I found some that I can enjoy a mimosa with while the boys run wild or call when I need out of the house ASAP! I can’t wait to see where these friendships go as we also watch our kids grow together.

In the home front, we’ve conquered more projects from new doors to finally hanging some art on the walls! Henry is day potty trained and is making this home feel smaller with his big personality and endless energy. We plan on sending him to a 2 year old preschool in the fall because I’m legit boring him he’s so smart! Nick and I also decided we want to low key expand our little family so we will see if/what happens with that adventure. 🤪

I had my four year anniversary with Stitch Fix and continue to be extremely proud of the company I work for. Raising Henry and working at home can have its tough moments but overall it is worth it!

We traveled to Philly for our family vacation, Deep Creek half a dozen times like usual, New York to celebrate my grandmas 90th birthday (which was so special) and Michigan to see family which is always a good time. Hopefully, this virus will allow us to take a few trips we had in mind this year now that Henry is a little bit more mellow and flexible!

Thanks for your endless support with reading my blog, liking my posts and supporting me on and offline. It means the world to me!

Off to blow out the candles to begin another year,


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