2020 Christmas Activity Calendar

Hey guys!

With 2020 being a weird one, I wanted to make it a little extra special with all the time we will be spending safely at home. What started with wanting to put a few activities in Henry’s advent calendar (mainly things we already do) it quickly turned into an activity a day so we wouldn’t rush through all the fun! Also, it makes typical things I give him (like Christmas stickers) more intentional. I kept things VERY simple because, let’s be honest, pregnancy has my energy pretty low and I don’t want to commit too much! You can always add a little something more to the activity. I’ll include some ideas I have for that possible spike of energy. Everything that requires an activity is something we just already have laying around or I’ve already bought for the season so I’d assume other parents might too. Full disclaimer, a week a go I did a huge holiday Target run, because with covid on the rise, I wanted to limit my trips so I came out with allllll the Christmas things that are just sitting in the basement already. So let’s get to it!

Here is our official calendar along with a blank one! Printable PDF file (click here):

Use these ideas to make your own calendar in what fits in your schedule, you’ll notice some are even easier than others or the things on weekends are more fun with both parents present! Here is my full list of ideas along with some explanations.

  1. Play with Christmas stickers

2. Get out and read all of the Christmas books

3. Decorate something (I have window clings to decorate front door)

4. Bake cookies (Pillsbury ready to bake dough, anyone?!!)

5. Build and decorate gingerbread house (bought a premade set at target)

6. Make a Christmas craft for gifts, I ordered this set! (I put this early in the calendar because his attention span usually doesn’t allow for him to knock out the same activity multiple times, so we have all month to work on them)

7. Make paper snowflakes

8. Learn about Christmas colors (red/green) and color a picture

9. Read the Polar Express then watch movie

10. Find the hidden candy canes (will put them around the house) then eat one!

11. Drive around to look at the neighborhood lights

12. Set up the train under the tree

13. Learn about how another country celebrates Christmas (I grew up celebrating St. Lucia Day the Swedish Christmas tradition)

14. Write a letter to Santa

15. Find and count all the trees around the house (meaning all the decor), you could easily add some sort of Pinterest tree craft to add in here like this one!

16. Talk about Jesus and the nativity set

17. Finger print light activity (like this)

18. Christmas music dance party! (or you could do karaoke depending on your kiddos willingness to preform)

19. Drive thru Christmas lights (we have tickets to the Pittsburgh Zoo for this)

20. Build a fort by the “fire” and drink hot chocolate (I’ll put on the TV fire screen saver)

21. Have a Christmas movie marathon

22. Find and count the snowmen around the house (mean all the decor again), you can add on cotton ball snowman activity to this like this one.

23. Make reindeer food (oatmeal, red/green sprinkles)

24. Open one gifts! (we always do this Christmas eve)

Some extras weather/covid dependant:

-Decorate cookies

-Sled ride in snow

-Build snowmen in snow

-Donate toys

-Donate food

-Visit Santa

-Christmas Pjs all day

I hope you found this helpful and not too stressful. Be sure to tag me if you plan on joining the fun! Merry Christmas!

Xo, Anna

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