Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Hey friends!

It’s officially just about my favorite time of year, the holidays! I thought I could give you some guidance in shopping this year and created a few gift guide. The first is for the men in our lives. This includes many different price points to find what may be a perfect fit for you.

I do make a small commission when purchasing from some of the links provided. Your info isn’t shared in anyway, I actually have no idea who used my affiliate links… It’s just a great way to support my blog and family!

Let’s get started! You can find the links to the products all in one place or listed below.

1. Omaha Steak box, even better if you can find a local butcher to get a box from. I haven’t met a guy who wouldn’t love food as a gift!

2. Beer can shower holder, it’s silly and low cost! Click to shop.

3. Ear buds for under $20 bucks?! Yup. My husband loves these! Click to shop.

4. Ugg Slippers. A splurge but will last. I’ve had mine since college which was a long time ago now. Ha! Click to shop.

5. Skagen watch. My husband loves these watches because they are so lightweight and thin. Click to shop.

6. Meat thermometer, because it’s always getting lost. We love this one! Click to shop.

7. Wood Phone Docking Station. A nice little place for all things to be set after emptying their pockets. Click to shop.

8. Beer can chicken holder. Have you ever had beer can chicken?! It’s amazing. Click to shop.

9. Portable Bluetooth Speaker. We love this little thing and use it way more than anticipated. Click to shop.

10. Ridge wallet. All the men in my life LOVE this wallet. It thin, lightweight and just awesome. Click to shop.

11. Yeti mug. Everyone needs this. That’s all. Click to shop.

12. Hooray Hero’s book. This is a sweet personalized gift from the kiddos that they can read together. Click to shop.

13. Chipping practice nets. A must have for the golfer in your life! Click to shop.

I hope you find some ideas that work for you and your family. Happy shopping!



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