4 Ways to Get Out of Your Instagram Rut

Hey friends! I recently had someone reach out to me telling me they are so discouraged by Instagram. They feel like they are talking to crickets and nobody is engaging in all their content. I’ve been there… we’ve all been there! Is there anything worse than low engagement on your the content that you’re spending hours on? I don’t think so! It’s a quick way to get yourself over it and just plain old burnt out on one of the best platforms to market to yourself on right now. Let’s dive into 4 ways to get out of your Instagram rut so you can come out on the other side and feel better about your content!

1. Take a break. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and trying to keep up with all the changes on the app. Or everyone is telling you to post reels, all day every day and you’re like WTF, I don’t have time for this!? That’s okay, I believe in setting realistic goals for yourself so you mentally set yourself up for success. The rest will follow!

2. Channel the feelings that made you started your business the first place. Taking a step back and go back to the root of your “why”. This can make such a huge difference in your content! Not only does it bring back the passion, your audience will probably feel your enthusiasm again too.

3. Shake it up and get creative. NOW is the time to try new things! If you feel like nobody is engaging, what do you have to lose? A different approach may just grab their attention again! Haven’t dived into reels yet? Give it a try! Busting your butt on reels and they aren’t landing? Go back to static posts! Just keep on trying and learn what speaks to your audience.

4. Don’t lose sight on the interactions that you do have. Not everything you post will be a winner, that is just the reality of it! If you’re passionate about your work, don’t let it get you down. If you reached one person today, it can still make impact!

BONUS TIP: spend 30 minutes a day engaging and connecting with you audience. Send messages, like posts, comment on posts, get your name on peoples screens!

If you still are struggling, I’m here to help. Shoot me an email and let’s see if I can get you and your IG back on track! Keep going, you got this!

Xx, Anna