8 Tools You Need to Take Your Own Content Photos

You’re scrolling Instagram and you’re sitting there like WTF, do all these people really hire photography out all the time? The answer is no! Many are surprised to find out that I take about 75% of my content photos by myself. Crazy right? Not so much if you know my husband’s photography skills, haha! I’ve been in the blogging game since 2016, so it’s gotten alot easier. It’s taken some practice over the years, but if you’re building a brand you need photos… like all the time. So let’s run down what you need to get started.

  1. Camera
    • I used to have a digital camera that I used, but phone cameras keep improving and they get the job done just fine!
  2. Tripod
    • A sturdy tripod can make or break you (and your phone). I’ve had two, and this one has been my favorite!
  3. Space/Background
    • Finding cool spots within your city that have a relatively plain background are perfect! The less distraction surrounding you, the better. Why? Mainly so there are no distractions in the background and it keeps the sole focus on your brand. There are also photo studios that you can rent for a few hours that will have tons of scenes and props if you’d prefer!
  4. Clicker
    • Self timers work, but OMG a clicker is 100% worth it so you can just take a ton of photos at once and not be running back and forth to your camera like crazy!
  5. Presets
    • To give your images that extra pop, consider presets. I’ve tried a few, but my favorite is Light and Airy Photographer Lifestyle presets. Use: ANNA20 for 20% off the lifestyle mobile image and video presets! (I get nothing for this, they just agreed to help you out with some $$ off!)
  6. Ring Light
    • I lived without one of these for a long time, so you can get by without one, but it’s a nice tool to have when doing videos, etc. There’s so many options on Amazon depending on the size you need!
  7. Poses
    • There’s actually a lot of different accounts on Instagram and TikTok that help you learn how to pose in flattering ways. Or just head over to Pinterest and get inspo!
  8. Confidence
    • Seriously! Even the influencers and bloggers who have been doing this for years still get shy taking photos especially in a public place. Like all things, you get used to it! Most importantly, have fun!!!

Bonus quick tip: If your business is product base, there may be additional tools that you will need for lighting, but consider making a photography set up with a backdrop using temporary wall paper/tile on cardboard!

I can’t wait to see your pics, gf! Need a social media mentor? Let’s chat!

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