Friday Favs

Hey friends! Take a peak into my week with my Friday favorites. Where I share anything from products, experiences, articles, whatever… just for funsies! I took the week off last week for a moment of silence for Uvalde, Texas and the nineteen students and two teachers who were tragically murdered at their school. It’s been weighing so heavy on my heart and if it’s weight heavy on yours too, I encourage you to reach out for senators to demand change.

But anyway, let’s get back to it!

School is out and it’s officially summertime here! I found these zip up SPF 50 rash guards at Target and OMG we love them! So easy to just throw on during the sunny days to keep the kiddos arms protected from the sun and you don’t have to put it of their heads which is also a pain in the butt! Click here to shop.

Speaking of, this year I opted for brighter colors for swim shirts for the boys. I love blue, so I always gravitated for that. But we went orange! Why? Because I saw this article that was really alarming for if a kiddo is drowning in a pool, the blues often blend into the water and makes it hard to see them if they need help. Bright colors will stand out making them more noticeable. So safety over fashion this year. I recommend you check out this article.

So many of you have the same play house as we do (click here to shop it)! We got ours in the fall when it was on sale, so this was this was the first year decorating it. Little man wanted American theme so we went all out at the Dollar Tree. I had a heck of time finding pots that fit the house, but finally found a winner! Click here to find them.

Have you tried Threadbare cider yet? OMG, it’s SO GOOD. I honestly don’t drink much anymore, but I am such a sucker for a good cider on a hot day. The Perry the Pear is my fav. They are Pittsburgh based and DELISH. You can find it at Ross Park Mall or their cider house!

At the Makers Market I attended on Sunday, I was placed next to my friend Summer of Leo and Lynn jewelry. Not only does she make me smile as she is so sweet, she makes hand poured resin jewelry that is just so gorgeous! This is my latest piece from her and it’s so stinkin’ pretty. Check her out here!

Have a great weekend friends!