How to Get Collaborations as a Nano Influencer/ Blogger

I’m throwing it back to 2021 and talking about how to get collabs as a nano influencer/blogger again! You can find the original post right here, but it got a face lift and I got another year of influencing under my belt to share even more!

To get the fulllllllll scoop, be sure to check out my 25 minute course where I share all the details on video over at Beyond Boss an amazing, not your average, networking group. Use this link to sign to watch and get your first month of their insider’s membership free (and you can cancel anytime if it’s not for you)!  Click here:

But if you’re looking for the cliff notes check ’em out….

Commit to the work

  • Build an authentic following, which takes TIME.
    • Started IG 2016, first campaign October 2019 around 800 followers, first paid campaign February 2020 around 1k
  • Listen to podcasts, read articles, find people that know the ins and outs of the platform to learn from and use those skills to help you grow your brand.
    • If you’re not an expert in IG and staying on trends, you’re not going to “make it” as an influencer.
  • Post consistently.
    • Why would a brand chose you if you haven’t posted in 2 weeks?
  • Don’t take short cuts!!!!!
    • This means no loops giveaways, buying followers/like, a lot of companies can now see through this. It’s overall unethical.

Engage, engage, engage!

  • The perk of companies using Nano influencers is their highly engaged audience.
  • If you don’t like sharing on IG, this isn’t for you. You have to LIKE sharing on social media to be successful in this industry.
  • Comment on your friends posts, engage in your favorite jewelry company’s IG stories, whatever it is just engage with people and businesses you love on the platform! If you’re thinking it, extend the thought and just type it out in a comment/message!
  • RESPOND to everything.
    • Nobody wants to talk to a digital wall, they want to talk to you.
  • Build relationships with your audience one like/comment/message at a time.
    • We all connect with people differently, don’t be disengouious, let it happen organically.

Start Locally

  • Don’t be shy about being an influencer when people ask you what you do!
    • Tell that boutique owner that you’re always supporting about your IG!
    • Haters gonna hate. Most don’t realize the work it takes until they try it for themselves.
  • Get involved with in person networking in a digital world
    • Groups like Beyond Boss, attend various local events, connect on and offline!
  • Become friends with other influencers.
    • I’ve passed on campaigns that weren’t right for me and recommended friends , vise versa, how I got FridaBaby!
    • I’m always happy to answer questions.
  • Get comfortable and learn the process of working on brand campaigns and build your portfolio for trade work.

Stay true to yourself

  • It can be easy to fall into a trap of doing what everyone else is doing because it seems to be working for them, but it may not work or feel authentic to you!
  • Be honest and vulnerable to your comfort level
  • This overall builds trust.
  • Your followers follow you, for you! We all resonate with people differently.
  • Don’t take collaborations that aren’t actually passionate or proud to stand behind.
    • If you’ve never talked about beauty products, don’t take a beauty product collab. People will and can see through it, then the analytics will show.

Treat your brand like a business

  • Make sure brands see you’re open for business by having your profile set up to do so, for example: “let’s collab!” on your profile
  • Think of yourself as a brand. Keep visuals consistent by using the same colors/fonts/graphics, etc.
  • Take it seriously. Every campaign post should be truly thought out in a marketing mindset, for instance neutral clothing with no brandnames, or coordinating with your kiddos.
  • Create a separate email address from your personal
  • Be prompt in your responses and deliverables
  • Manage expectations of any campaigns
  • Know when/how to ask to get paid versus doing free work

Pitch to brands

  • Love a brand? Tell them! Tag ’em! Use their hashtags! This also can be just a quick DM. Will show in next slide!
  • Don’t sit there and wait for brands to come to you… they probably won’t especially at first.
  • A lot will say “no”, switch your mindset to “not yet” and it will help.
  • Have a media kit prepared because there is a good chance you need it.
    • It’s basically a resume for your online presence
    • So many free templates on Canva to follow!

To conclude, I just want to encourage you to keep going. Keep trying and keep working toward those goals in this process of growing your brand. Like everything it takes time! As long as you are being true to yourself, these platforms need your voice and nobody can do it like you.I can’t wait to see you getting those collabs, gf!