Friday Favs

Hey friends! Take a peak into my week with my Friday favorites. Where I share anything from products, experiences, articles, whatever… just for funsies! So let’s get to it!

A few followers suggested this YouTube channel that teaches preschoolers how to draw step by step and OMG it’s been so fun to sit with Henry and learn how to draw different things. It’s made him so into drawing and can’t recommend it enough. They have more advanced levels for older kiddos too! Check it out here!

Now that the weather is warm, that means more outside meals for us! We were realizing that this was hard to do this with a kiddo who needs a highchair, so we found this super easy, collapsible high chair! It’s also amazing to travel with. Plus it’s so easy use and it can also connect to a chair if you want them up higher with you! You can find it here.

If you LOVE fish tacos and live in the Pittsburgh area, you must head over to Kaya! It’s been one of my favorite restaurants for years and I was so happy to get back to it this week. I had the crispy fish tacos, the tuna ceviche and a peach mojito. My taste buds were jumpin with joy! Here are the deets to the restaurant.

Another favorite is Soba! I usually get their Pad Thai but this time we ordered some small plates and omg the crispy tofu was addicting! Also I got the Grapefruit Basil Smash drink and I am still thinking of it. Ironically both restaurants are owned by the same restaurant group, which I sense a theme… they are all amazing!

Have you checked out my course in how to get to collabs as a nano influencer yet? Sign up for your free trail with Beyond Boss or get the cliff notes here.

Our beach trip is coming up! We haven’t been to the beach in 6 years so have been buying all the things. I’ll do a round up on beach stuff next week maybe! But in the mean time, I searched high and low for a large, easy to use beach tent and this one checks off all the boxes and is super affordable. Check it out here!

That’s all I got for this week, I’m a little behind but the devastating news lately has left the creative energy a little low! For the record, I’m heartbroken about the Rade vs Wade overturn and get sick to my stomach anytime there is yet ANOTHER mass shooting. If you aren’t registered to vote in PA, we have a super important election coming up this fall, click here to get set up to vote.

Have an amazing weekend! P.s. some affiliate product links are used within this post.

XX, Anna