My Secret To Happiness

Okay so maybe that’s a tiny bit dramatic but I really do believe this helps me stay mindful and focused on a world that can feel so heavy at times. So what is it? What’s my secret to happiness? … Practicing gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is overlooked often and it something I think we all should be doing more of in the business and heaviness that this world can feel sometimes. I truly believe it has made a difference in all my relationships from family, friends and business.

When is the last time you told a friend or coworker that you appreciate them? Or like really thanked them. We can so quickly say “thanks!” but this week I’m encouraging you to pause and extend that gratitude in a more specific way like “thank you so much for helping me with xyz, it really made me week having you there!”

If someone said that to you, you know how good would it make you feel so why not make someone feel a little extra love. We spend countless minutes scrolling on our phones, take a few of those and send a text or better yet, call someone to let them know you’re grateful for.. and be specific!

Other ways I like to practice gratitude is send someone a hand written note, buy a friend a coffee during a hard time, or buy a gratitude journal like this one!

Now go show some gratitude today! Tell me below what you’re feeling grateful for.

XX, Anna