About Me

Hi, I’m Anna!

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a wife and mama to two sweet boys, living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.  I have a passion to encourage and connect with like-minded women by staying open and honest in my journey of navigating the whirlwinds of motherhood and everything social media.

I have been learning and growing with the ever changing world of social media marketing for 13+ years. The one thing that has stayed the same is my heart and my focus to help small businesses find more success with it. I have continuously found myself being a mentor, the advice-giver, and comedic relief to those around me, so I hope that I can be that for you too!

When I have a free moment, you can probably find me with a glass of red wine, cooking up my families heirloom pasta sauce in my stretchy pants and messy bun, all while singing silly songs to my boys. If I can sneak out of the house, you’ll find me about and about to meet friends while supporting some local businesses!

I cannot wait to learn more about YOU!