I’m Anna Hinkle, a late 20 something living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I live here with my handsome husband, Nick. He is the most loving, hardworking person I know so that in itself makes life really good. I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, but I’m continuously working on my Master’s degree in life. I absolutely love, love. No, not just for my husband, but I’m blessed to be a daughter, a little sister, a friend and my favorite, an aunt. I find myself always being the advice giver, the encourager and the comedic relieve. I hope that I can be that for you, as well!

Here are a few of my favorite things: Being a wife, but also Aunt Toots, Pittsburgh, Trying new things, Carbs, Taking photos, Wine, Instagram, Smiling, Fresh flowers, Traveling, Cooking, Eating out, Waterfalls, Love, Did I say wine?