Audits by Anna FAQ


So like… what is an Instagram audit?“ Have you ever thought to yourself that you wish you had someone to talk to about your businesses page who just gets it? Or to help you reach your Instagram goals? Or see what tweaks you can try to help push your page (and you!) toward more success? Think of this process as your friend scrolling your Instagram page, but then giving you all the confidence and tools to reach your IG goals with a detailed digital report. 

Who is this for?“ Anyone who’s ready to take the next steps in growing their Instagram account. Small businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs alike. I work with a lot of women, but please know that all are welcome here!

What’s the process?“ First you will need to fill out a short form for me to get to know you, your business goals and overall Instagram comfort level. This gives me all the information I need to perform your audit in an effective way for you. Once this form is received I will perform your audit within 7 days. Don’t stress, just keep doing what you’re doing! After audit is complete, I will send you a digital report for you to review and save as a continued reference point while you continue to work toward your goals.

What’s this going to cost?“ My entry level package starts at $75 dollars. This will cover your entire Instagram audit and digital report. I will dissect everything on your Instagram and deliver in a detailed report. It will cover what’s working, what isn’t, as well as, some actionable tasks to get your profile in tip top shape to continue your Instagram’s growth. 

But I have so many questions!“ Well, if you feel like you need more, let’s chat! For an additional $25 you can have the audit, digital report and an hour long mentor video call to pick my brain on all the feedback given and ask any questions!

Can you give me an idea of what the audit will contain?“ Of course! My audits are center around this outline:

  1. Optimizing Bio / Highlights
  2. Content Review (analyzing static feed photos and video)
  3. Branding (finding your voice and aesthetic)
  4. Engagement evaluation
  5. Growth Strategy (hashtags, collaborations, etc)
  6. Miscellaneous mentorship help (answering your questions)

I’m feeling a little nervous…“ It’s ok to be, just know that I strive to keep this process thoughtful and positive for you. Also, you should know that I’m also known for my awesome feedback skills.

Wait I didn’t know you were so passion about this, what’s the story here? Get to know me a little better, my credentials and my journey with social media here.

Ready to get started or have more questions? Let’s chat!