Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Hey friends! It’s officially just about my favorite time of year, the holidays! I thought I could give you some guidance in shopping this year and created a few gift guide. The first is for the men in our lives. This includes many different price points to find what may be a perfect fit forContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for Him”

Finding Confidence in Motherhood with Henne Jewelers

Hey friends, It’s been a minute to say the least as I adjust to being a mom of two, a career transition and holy smokes… having a kiddo in school! There has been something on my heart to share so I thought we should chat! Becoming a mom rocked my confidence, which is actually superContinue reading “Finding Confidence in Motherhood with Henne Jewelers”

Henne Jewelers X Anna Hinkle

Hello, my friends! I was so excited when Henne Jewelers invited me out to their store for an afternoon of shopping! If you’ve lived in the Pittsburgh area, you know they are the go to destination for jewelry. But then the real thoughts came in… is it safe to be trying on jewelry right now? DoContinue reading “Henne Jewelers X Anna Hinkle”

Postpartum Recovery Kit

As I’m going through the pregnancy journey again and I’ve been taking you along with me so I figured I’d share somethings that I am doing to prepare myself for postpartum recovery. I know very well that it takes sometime to heal and life will just be plain easier if you have all these things prepared! Click to read more.

How to Get Collaborations as a Nano Influencer/Blogger

Hiii! My inbox has been receiving a lot of questions about blogging, influencing, collaborating… all of the things so I thought it was time to write it all out for you guys. I asked on my Instagram what questions you all had and you’ll find them all answered within this post! By far the mostContinue reading “How to Get Collaborations as a Nano Influencer/Blogger”