Winter Fashion Essentials for New Moms


Winter Fashion Essentials For New Moms

Fashion or just generally feeling put together has always been one of my favorite things.  Nowadays becoming a mom is my new favorite thing! I quickly came to the realization that merging the two is challenging some days with an abundance of baby spit up and the shortage of time. Somedays I’m not getting dressed until right before I head out the door, but pro tip, I do have my outfit planned in my head or laid out already. To help you eliminate the fashion trial and errors of a new mom, I put together a list of fashion essentials this winter!


I’ve always been a hat girl, and boy has it come in handy lately! The days of showering and getting ready right before you need to be somewhere are long gone for now. This calls for dry shampoo and a hat. This winter, I’ve been wearing my floppy hats on days I want to be a little bit more fashion forward. My current favorite floppy hat is a vintage wool hat that was my mom’s, but I linked something similar at Nordstrom. On my more casual days I’ll throw on my Love Your Melon beanie which is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America (win, win). Regardless, if you’re not a hat wearer, become one.

Delicate Jewelry

I haven’t seen my hoops or statement necklaces in awhile, but I’m always wearing my stud earrings and initial necklace. I actually leave these on all the time since they are so delicate, making it even easier to wear an accessory! My favorite earrings these days are the classic crystal studs by Sabika. I talk a little bit more about my initial necklace on a previous blog post that you can find here. Having some sort of jewelry on helps me feel a little bit more put together.

Button up shirts

Where are my breastfeeding mama’s at? Say hello, buttons! I’m constantly in a nursing tank at home, but when headed out, I layer on a button up. I have a love of plaids and chambray in general, so these pieces are constant staples before and after pregnancy. My current favorite is from Target (surprise, surprise).


This was one I didn’t think of going into the whole mom thing. I constantly need an extra pocket! Whether it’s to hold an extra pacifier or my phone, they are always all in use. When you are carrying a carseat, diaper bag and coffee, you’ll be glad to have an extra pocket to throw your car keys in, trust me. My go to right now is this cardigan from Loft.


Whether you’re a week postpartum or months, leggings are your best friend. Heck, they are always your friend, baby or not! I found the perfect leggings at Loft this winter. They come in petite which is essential for me, but also are soft, thick and hold everything in when you’re feeling a little loose!

Backpack Diaper Bag

Listen, I don’t know how some of you ladies carry around super cute diaper bags that look like purses! I love having a diaper bag I can just throw on my back to free my hands for Henry and head out the door. There are a ton of cute options out there, mine is from SkipHop. It’s almost crazy how functional it is!


Winter Fashion

Now go out there and be your new mom self while feeling good! Been there, done that mom’s… what am I missing that you can add to the list?

XO, Anna

2017 Highlights

F6BE8632-F535-4FDE-8F33-47C31617E0D8Well, well, well…Happy new year! I know, I’m late, per usual on the blogging front. This blog has been a little hobby of mine for years that I end up picking up and down, starting over and over. But, I’d like to make it more consistent for 2018 as I really do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts! I often find myself getting discouraged with all the bloggers out there and their beautifully curated feeds. I have to remind myself that’s just not what this blog is for me, and I’m okay with that. Whatever this becomes, it will become. I’m figuring it out as I go, so thanks sticking with me and for following along!

My brother recently did a highlight reel of his 2017 and I thought, hey that’s a good idea! And honestly, I needed some inspiration to get back into the swing of things. With that being said, I’d love to share the highlights of my 2017 to reflect on everything that was and move forward into the new year.

Life Highlights… officially adulting.

Henry was born. Which is the highlight of my life, let alone my year. He’s growing so fast already and it’s been such a rewarding experience being his mother. I’m constantly going between wanting him to stay little forever and being excited about all the things he is learning daily!

We bought a house. We’re homeowners and have a kid now so basically we are officially real adults. We took on a house that needed a little bit of love, but it was so worth it! The paint choices and work in this house were, um, interesting to say the least. By giving it a good scrub with the family, refinishing the floors and a lot of paint, it has really has become home.

Our first wedding anniversary. One year down, forever to go! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. 2017 was such a whirlwind with being pregnant followed with the first few months of being a mother. Nick has tied my shoes when I couldn’t bend over, wiped my tears when I was scared, gotten me fresh water about a zillion times, and so much more. He has taken care of me when it was honestly so hard to take care of myself. Gosh, I love him!

Adventure Highlights… with a large belly.

Blackwater Falls, WV. This was a place I stumbled upon a few years ago and finally got around to exploring it this summer. The falls were gorgeous and the mountainous view on our hike was breathtaking! The town of Thomas, WV is so artsy and quaint, it doesn’t get enough credit. I talk a little bit more about it in this blog post.

Niagara Falls, Canada. I guess the kids these days call a trip like this a babymoon. I still can’t believe I had never been to the falls with it being so close! We wanted to take a weekend to ourselves after a crazy summer of moving/renovating pre-Henry and I’m glad we took the time to do so. It was so fun! The falls are were a sight to see and Niagara on the Lake is calling my name now that I can drink all the wine.

Bruno Mars concert. It had been a lonnnng time since I had been to a concert. I love live music, but stadium concerts are always put on the back burner for whatever reason. Lucky for us, my mother in law bought us tickets because she had seen Bruno live and swore it was one we couldn’t miss. She was right! He is unbelievably talented and entertaining.

Fashion Highlights… the year of comfort.

Target Maternity Tank dress. When I think about what I wore the most this past year, I think of the Target maternity tank dress. I wore it all spring, summer and fall. It was seriously the easiest thing to throw on and head out the door. Not to mention it was so versatile to dressing up or down depending on the chosen accessories. I loved it so much that I had it in three colors!

Loft Leggings. Post maternity, I live in these leggings. During the Black Friday sales, I scooped up them up for 50% off and ended up buying another pair when they carried that sale on longer. They are soft, thick and hold everything in. Oh and they come in petite, aka perfect!

My “H” necklace for Henry. It really never comes off my neck! It’s small and simple for my new life as a mom. It helps me feel a little bit more put together. I had told Nick I wanted something like this for Christmas and my longest friend, Annie, had beat him to the punch and sent it as a gift after Henry was born. She had no idea I had been wanting one just like it! It’s from Geo Supply Co. which has a ton of super cute jewelry items.

I want to thank you again for reading and following along! I can’t wait to share more of my life, adventures and fashion with you in 2018.

Xo, Anna

Henry’s Birth Story


Time has flown by since Henry has made his appearance into the world. It’s been such a whirlwind and I can’t believe he is already two months old! This blog post is partially for selfish reasons, so that I can be sure to remember all the moments leading up to his special arrival. I was inspired by another bloggers birth story and I wanted to share mine!

My pregnancy was pretty standard. I did have a few hiccups though! At our 20 week ultrasound, when we found out that Henry was a boy, we were also told he was measuring small. The doctors questioned family history and a few other things, but never really did come up with an answer on why he was so small. This lead us to check in on our little man every month to check his growth with ultrasounds. Luckily, he was growing and two months later they decided there was nothing to worry about since he may be small, but was growing at a nice rate. Whew!

Then on a Thursday afternoon at about 34 weeks, I had an appointment with my OB. Nick (my husband) travels a lot during the fall. This year his travel was all planned to end by September so just in case Henry would should up early (not that we ever thought that would actually happen), he would be around! I brought my mom with me for some company and so she could hear Henry’s heartbeat. We planning on going shopping after to finish up his nursery. This appointment shook things up as my blood pressure was much higher than it normally is and I learned how serious they took this during pregnancy. I was told if it was a couple points higher I would’ve been sent right to labor and delivery… and Nick was away!! They hooked me up to a stress test, and he seemed fine and gave me a lot of tests for preeclampsia. Thank goodness my mom just so happen to be with me that day! I tested negative for preeclampsia and was diagnosed with gestational hypertension with a chance of preeclampsia developing as the weeks move forward.

The following few weeks my blood pressure was monitored very, very closely by my wonderful doctors. It was a little overwhelming as each appointment we heard a different story of when he would come, but one thing stayed constant, they wouldn’t let me go past 39 weeks. At this point we knew there was a chance that I could end up in the hospital after any of these appointments, so our bags were packed and ready to go!

Since my blood pressure was on the fritz, I was checking it twice a day at home. They gave me a threshold and if it reached that, call them ASAP. Well sure enough on a Saturday night, that threshold was met and they sent me right into the hospital. I was such an emotional mess because I felt like it was too soon. We got there and stayed in triage while they monitored him and gave me those preeclampsia tests again. Ultimately they sent me home once everything checked out, but told me as soon as I get to 37 weeks, it’s probably going to be time.

That Monday I had yet another doctor appointment and in the back of my mind I kind of knew what was coming. The OB gave me two options… head into the hospital now or schedule an induction ASAP. I opted for the “scheduling” (I put that in quotes because they call you when a bed is ready) so that we could catch our breath and that I could have my husband with me! I called him in the parking lot bawling my eyes out. Why I was crying, I’m not exactly sure why. I think because it was all becoming really real and I just wanted both Henry and I to be okay!! We took the evening to “relax” and enjoy one last date night. As we were out, another hiccup occurred… I felt so sick. My throat was killing me! Lucky for me, I got a cold right as I was about to get induced into labor, haha!


Right before our date night!

We then waited for our call to go into the hospital. We were told anywhere between 9 pm to midnight (yawn), but could be later than that. As we were anxiously waiting, midnight hit and I said I quit, I’m going to bed. A second later, my phone rang! We jumped into the car and got to the hospital by 1 am. By time we were in our room and the induction was started it was about 2 am. Oh and I still felt so sick and now I wasn’t allowed to eat anything. Shoutout to my Dr who ultimately felt so bad for me and my sore throat and let me have some chicken broth and jello!

Now my body wasn’t exactly ready to be in labor yet. I wasn’t dilated or effaced or anything! So basically, I had to go through a ton of steps before the actually induction started. They kept telling me that this process can take days… yes, DAYS! Ugh! Thankfully, my body responded beautifully to all the different steps they took to get my cervix ready and I didn’t have to repeat any. Finally, I was 5 cm dilated sometime in the afternoon. I had contractions coming and they were getting stronger but, bearable. The doctor said it was time to getting the induction started and she wanted to break my water, as well as, get the Pitocin IV going. I wanted to get my epidural before then, which was a not so fun experience for me. They had trouble finding a good spot in my spine as I have a little curve and I think that may have been the scariest part of my labor! Let’s just say I was poked at too many times during that process where I was about to say forget it and deliver naturally. But, they got it (finally) and I’m SO thankful for modern medicine and that they finally found a good spot on my back to inject it. Mad props to any moms out there that have done this without one! After every step of this process they kept telling us, “it could be a few hours, get some rest”. I’m not exactly sure how I was supposed to sleep, hah! At this point we have gone through two sets of nurses and the doctor on call. The next doctor on call was my favorite! I was so excited that she would be the one probably delivering our baby. She got in and checked me out telling me that I was at 7 cm dilated, but it’ll still be a few hours. At this point my parents were too anxious to be at home and were already in the waiting room and Nick’s parents were on their way in from Michigan. Nick went out to give my parents an update and holy moly the pressure that came upon me was unbearable. I told the nurse I think it’s time and she laughed telling me the Dr was just in here saying you have a few hours, I’ll get the anesthesiologist in to get you more pain medication. Well the anesthesiologist came in and tried to talk me when I literally could not speak and said she wasn’t going to give me any more meds because she thinks it’s go time and to get the doctor back right away! Thank goodness for that women! Oh wait, Nick wasn’t in the room because he thought we had a few hours. I’m so happy my phone was on me and I texted him saying “Get back now!!” All I remember from there is him running back into the room and the next moments were such a blur. I remember the doctor coming and telling the nursing staff and me that it’s go time! I’ve never been so motivated and pushed my little heart out, listening carefully to the nurses instructions, screaming (so loud that my Mom heard me out in the hallway, heh!) and squeezing Nick’s hand. What felt like 5 minutes later, Henry Alan Hinkle was on my chest (it was actually 30 minutes). They announced October 18th at 8:02 pm as his time of birth and I couldn’t believe it, he was finally here!!! I was flooded with emotion and love in an instant. It’s truly such a magical feeling that is hard to describe. He was healthy as can be and I felt like super women! Nick cut his cord and there we were, a family of three. Nick and I just looked at each other and him over and over again with big, goofy, tired smiles on our faces. As they wanted to take Henry to get his measurements, he had a strong grip and wouldn’t let go of me… that is a moment I will never forget. He wanted his momma, and that was me.



Xo, Anna


*Disclaimer: Please don’t judge any typos or grammar with this post! Things need to be done much quicker with a newborn in your arms!**

Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves

It feels like not long ago I was yelling “Nick!!!! I think I’m pregnant!” in our apartment all while feeling extremely overwhelmed and excited. Then came the decision to quickly buy a house and make it a home before baby Hinkle’s arrival in November. Fast forward to now, I must say we are killing it in the productivity over here! I always thought I knew what pregnancy would feel like, but it’s truly so different for everyone. Coming from someone who had no idea what they are doing, I would not have been able to survive without my pregnancy must haves that I’d love to share with you!

  1. PSI Bands
    • When that first trimester hit, it was hard. I was so nausea and had no appetite. Functioning was legit hard, I was so miserable. Then one day my BFF, Katy, showed up with an amazing gift basket that had the PSI Bands in it. She explained her sister used them for motion sickness so I should try them… and they worked! I mean worked enough for me to function. Did it make all the nausea go away? No, nothing did, but I was able to go house shopping and act like a normal human when sleeping all day was not an option! Thank goodness, for these bands and the second trimester. Pregnancy Must Haves- PSI Bands
  2. Maternity Clothing Basics
    • Lucky for me, I have a wonderful SIL that gave me a large bin of clothes to borrow. It allowed me to find some favorite styles and then buy some my own. T shirts, a great pair of jeans, leggings, comfy shoes and a few “nice” tops are all must haves. I found being comfortable during this time is the key to happiness! Read more about it on Maternity Clothing Must Have blog post coming soon.
  3. Cravings
    • Girl, treat yo self! You are growing a human! I’ve never craved sweets like I have the last six months. I could literally have a glazed donut, all day, every day.
  4. Pregnancy books for you and your partner
  5. or app
    • If books aren’t your thing, you may find some comfort on the BabyCenter website and app. There is SO much useful information to reference on their site along with a community of expecting mom’s due the same month as you. I personally use the app and look at it every day with updates on the baby and pop into the community every once in awhile for support. A favorite update in this household is how big the baby is each week. Every Friday, we are laughing at references in the size of our little one! He is the size of a large eggplant this week, haha!
  6. A pregnancy buddy
    • Whether you find this within the online community on the BabyCenter app (or many similar sites out there) or in real life, it’s so nice to have someone going through the same things as you right now. Shout out to my friend, Kara, for the endless texts and check ins! She’s a month ahead of me, so her little bundle of joy is almost here!!!
  7.  Smelly Things
    • Like really good smelly things! I treated myself to a little shopping spree at Bath and Body Works to get some plug ins around the house. With a crazy sense of smell, you want to stop and smell something good, not pick up on the slight smell of the garbage. At one point Nick was taking the garbage out every day, this solved that problem.
  8. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow
    • This was a hand me down that I didn’t know I needed (thanks for saving the day, yet again Heather!). Basically once that belly of yours starts growing, it feels nice to wedge this thing under it while sleeping to alleviate some pressure on your belly and hips. I’ve also put it behind my back to keep me from turning on my back at night, one thing I had no idea was bad for the baby until my doctor told me to make sure I’m laying on my side to help with the babies blood flow for growing. Now that I think of it, I’ve also used it to elevate my head for those glorious acid reflux sleepless nights! So yeah, basically, just get it. You can find it here!

Boppy Wedge Pillow

Like I said before, pregnancy is so different for everyone! It’s just a testament to how every women’s body is so different, it’s a wild, yet beautiful thing. What saved you through your pregnancy? I’d love to know if there is something I am missing out on!

Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy! Until next time…

XO, Anna

Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD

Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD

Whoa, has life been busy! Between work, moving, doing some renovations at our house and a zillion doctors appointments there is hasn’t been much time or energy left for blogging. I sure have missed it! Though we have had the itch to travel this summer, we’ve been spending all our money and time on our new home, which is so worth it before the little one arrives soon. We did get to spend some time during our short staycation at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. My family has a place there and it’s always a nice getaway. Obviously spending time on the lake itself is so fun! Who can deny some sunshine, boat blown hair and jumping in the lake? But this summer had me thinking that some of my best memories at Deep Creek actually aren’t on the lake. There are so many fun things to around the lake, so I figured I’d share my favorites!

  1. Swallow Falls State Park 
    • This one will come up a lot if you search the area for things to do, but there is a reason for it!  It’s a beautiful park with gorgeous waterfalls. In the summer you will find people swimming in the water. I like it best in the early morning when you can follow the easy trail to see multiple different falls… quietly!Things to do In Deep Creek Lake, MD- Swallow Falls
  2. Deep Creek Lavender Farm
    • Mmm, the smell of fresh lavender is so relaxing! They have limited hours so be sure to check their website, but I have shown up when they were closed and just took in the pretty views and smell. If you go when they are actually open you can pick your own lavender and shop in their little store. It’s so quaint!Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD- Lavender Farm
  3. Day-fire
    • Relax and enjoy the outdoors! Now I know you’re thinking this one is silly, but I’m encouraging you to have a campfire during the day! It’s our family’s favorite time to do so. With little ones around, it’s shifted this way and I think we all like it better! It makes it easy for cooking up some fun and different foods on the fire. Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD- Day-Fire
  4. Candyland
    • Do you love candy? Take a drive into the Oakland and treat yo self to aisles of any and every kind of candy you can imagine! There is also a nice variety of Amish food products. You can find it at 12679 Garrett Hwy, 21550 Oakland. Now, don’t get a stomach ache!Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD- Candyland
  5. Firefly Farms Creamery & Market
    • Cheese lovers, look no further! They are actually making cheese here… like for real. So go hungry, taste some different cheeses that are oh-so-fresh and take some home to munch all night long! The staff here is so friendly will walk you all the cheese flavors. They also do cheese pairings with wine, but you’ll need to plan ahead for that. I haven’t done that just yet, so if you do, let me know what you think! Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD- Firefly Farms(photo taken from FireFly Farms Facebook page)
  6. Take a day trip! My two favorites are to either Grantsville, MD or Thomas WV.
    1. Grantsville, MD is about a 30-minute drive from the lake, but it’s a fun change of pace! Do some shopping at the Spruce Forest Artisan Village, eat lunch at The Cornucopia Cafè and visited the Casselman Bridge.Things to do in Deep Creek Lake, MD- Day trip to Grantsville, MD
    2. Thomas, WV is about a 60-minute drive if you’re up for something a little further. You’ll see the “Smallest Church in 50 States” that you can stop at on the way to break up the drive. The town of Thomas has an amazing art scene, which was such a surprise that we stumbled upon while driving to Blackwater Falls State Park. If you’re a sucker for waterfalls like myself, you’ll love this park! Be sure to make time for the Lindy Point trail for some amazing views. When you’ve worked up a hunger, stop at The Purple Fiddle. If you’re lucky you’ll stop in right in time for some live music!
  7. Schoolhouse Earth
    • If you’re a shopper, this is a must! It’s such a fun and unique store to browse. There is some gorgeous jewelry, gifts, gourmet food, and tons of home goods. Not to mention there are some animals out back for the kiddos to feed!

There dozens of other spots to check out while at the lake like the Honi Honi, Fun Land, golfing, and some other spots that are more well known. Am I missing something you love to do while there? Let me know!

I hope you find some fun off the beaten path and enjoy your time at Deep Creek!

Xo, Anna

Old Wives Tales: It’s a…


IMG_4300It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Being pregnant, moving and working full time leaves me with little energy lately! I wanted to write a new blog post since I haven’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy on my just blog yet. It was so fun to hear our family and friends make guesses on the baby’s gender throughout the process. I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks along. I’m sure the next 20 weeks will go even quicker with a busy summer ahead. I thought it would be fun to go through some old wives tales to see how they lineup then reveal if Baby Hinkle is, in fact, a girl or boy!

Old Wives Tale #1: Heart Rate
If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy. Prediction: Girl, Baby has had a high heart rate since the getgo!

Old Wives Tale #2: Shape of Belly
If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl. If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy. Prediction outcome: Boy, I’ve been told I’m all belly, which I’m obviously into. 

Old Wives Tale #3: Acne
If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl. It’s thought that acne during pregnancy is caused by the extra hormones. Prediction outcome: Girl, what the heck, where’s my glow?

Old Wives Tale #4: Cravings
People believe that if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy. If you crave sweets, you are having a little girl. Prediction outcome: Inconclusive, though I’ve been wanting sweets more than ever, I’ve also wanted my fair share of salty things. Dill pickle chips anyone?

Old Wives Tale #5: Moodiness
If you are really moody, you are having a girl since you have another extra girl hormones in you. If your pregnancy makes you calm and happier, you are having a boy. Prediction outcome: Boy, cool as a cucumber over here! 

Old Wives Tale #6: Chinese Gender Chart
The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived. Prediction outcome: Boy

Old Wives Tale #7: Clumsy vs. Graceful
If the pregnant woman is graceful throughout her pregnancy, she’s having a girl. If she becomes clumsy, she’s having a boy. Prediction outcome:  Inconclusive, Nick and I agree this hasn’t changed. 

Old Wives Tale #8: Dad’s Weight Gain
If the dad-to-be gains weight while you are pregnant, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain weight, you’re having a boy. Prediction outcome: Boy, but I think Nick is always a skinny minny.

Old Wives Tale #9: What Do You Think?
71% of the time, the mom-to-be knows what she is having. Prediction outcome: Boy, Nick was a confident girl prediction.

Old Wives Tale #10: Breast Test
If a pregnant woman’s left breast is larger than the right breast, she’s having a girl. If the right breast is larger, it’s a boy. Prediction outcome: Boy, is this TMI? Sorry, haha. 

Old Wives Tale #11: Morning Sickness
If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl. Prediction outcome: Girl, ugh that first trimester was pretty miserable.

Old Wives Tale #12: Baby Names
It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particular baby. Prediction outcome: Girl, we quickly agreed on a girl name and it’s a toss up for the boy name.

Old Wives Tale Results: Total Girl: 4       Total Boy: 6       Inconclusive: 2

Actual outcome after 20-week ultrasound: It’s a BOY!!!! We are so excited to meet our little boy in November!




Until next time, you can find me deep in a Google search of boy clothes and nursery colors…

Xo, Anna


6 Things My Mom Taught me


Hello, again!

I wrote this blog post a few years ago on my old blog, it was one of my favorite posts. I edited it a little, but ultimately, it all still holds true! What better time to share again than with Mother’s Day right around the corner? It’s so important to pause sometimes and appreciate the people you have and have had throughout your life. This blog post is dedicated to my mom who is very special to me in many ways. She has taught me 6 very important things… okay probably way more than 6 things, but this is a good start!

1. The importance of creativity.
No project is too small to take on. See it in a store? We can do it that better. Doesn’t look like the one in the picture? That’s your creative spin on it. The amount of creativity and talent my mom has always impressed me. As I grow older I have more of an appreciation for it and strive to be like her in this way.

2. Better to be overdressed than underdressed!
Self-explanatory, and always held true in any circumstance. If you know my mother, you know she is always looking her best!

3. Live life to the fullest.
Follow your heart, go for it if it feels right and don’t miss out on any adventure… just go! (but be safe!)

4. Family is everything.
My family, we all have each other’s backs and have so much love for one another. Who do you think is at the heart of that? Mom. She treats us fairly (though my brothers may disagree for the one time I had a later curfew and don’t have to cut the grass… don’t blame me for being the baby) and will treat the deserved like our family. She always reminds us to accept one another despite any differences because we’re family. When things get tough, I think of family because I know they will always be there. The person who makes me realize that is mom.

5. Always be honest.
It’s always better to tell people how you feel and to talk it out. This will lead to the best relationships and will show who matters. Honesty can hurt, but it’s the best route. I was taught at a young age to practice this and growing up I realized this isn’t always something people’s mothers teach them.

6. Mom’s know everything.
They really do. She gets protective towards those she feels will end up hurting me, she knows where I can find that one pair of shoes, and she knows how to do just about anything else I end up asking her. Who needs Google? Mom knows. Lucky for her I use Google so I’m not bothering her all the time!


I appreciate you mom and love you very much.  Happy Mother’s Day!

What’s something your mom has taught you?